Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Enlightenment of Knowledge

Being in university one goes for learning no? I like it, the knowledge, the exercise to the brain. By far my favorite class last semester was History by a really good professor Clay Burlingham. We talked about the European history from B.C.  up to the French Revolution. I learnt much by hearing the stories of empires becoming magnificent and then declining. Governments working and not working. Cultures changing and worldviews shifting all due to disease, or heretics. I found this very fascinating but one thing that I really understood was the idea of the monarchy. Yes there are bad monarchs but there are bad rulers everywhere whether from a democracy or from an elected congress. The world is based off of rulers we need them to keep everything in orders but the democracy prevents them from making decisions period usually the good ones and the bad ones comes through because the world is run by politicians. Therefore, my views is that countries need a constitutional monarchy with a senate or other form of government to get a good person and ruler with various requirements, and to give other consent. With the monarchy the decisions will be made and in most cases if a country had a good ruler then they prospered very well. In conclusion I am for a constitutional monarchy.

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