Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chapter 4

Yes I made my goal! Time for the trumpets! It really did not take long with after what I wrote yesterday. To tell the truth I am very proud of myself (not to sound vain or anything). I wrote 7 pages in two days. It may yet be not that much of an accomplishment with all the other authors but I still have to go to school. So I am quite proud of that. Hopefully by the summer i will get the whole book done then it will be on the shelves soon. I hope so!

Monday, March 14, 2011

My apologise

I am sorry to all of my friends and support but i have been quite busy lately! I hope you have had a nice few months! Yes a month wow! That is quite a while! Well for my book i have really been going through it much faster than i thought! No sadly not yet at chapter 4 but almost! Getting close two more pages so i should by tommorrow get it done! Hopefully! The weather has finally warmed up! Isnt that just the best no more cold! Well i guess the problem would be snowballs! Haha yes snowballs I just today actually i got assaulted by my friend! One of them was driving and the other getting out and throwing snowballs at me. Good thing i was prepared sadly my aim isnt all that great. But just wait they will get what is coming to them! Well have a good day untill next time!