Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Enlightenment of Knowledge

Being in university one goes for learning no? I like it, the knowledge, the exercise to the brain. By far my favorite class last semester was History by a really good professor Clay Burlingham. We talked about the European history from B.C.  up to the French Revolution. I learnt much by hearing the stories of empires becoming magnificent and then declining. Governments working and not working. Cultures changing and worldviews shifting all due to disease, or heretics. I found this very fascinating but one thing that I really understood was the idea of the monarchy. Yes there are bad monarchs but there are bad rulers everywhere whether from a democracy or from an elected congress. The world is based off of rulers we need them to keep everything in orders but the democracy prevents them from making decisions period usually the good ones and the bad ones comes through because the world is run by politicians. Therefore, my views is that countries need a constitutional monarchy with a senate or other form of government to get a good person and ruler with various requirements, and to give other consent. With the monarchy the decisions will be made and in most cases if a country had a good ruler then they prospered very well. In conclusion I am for a constitutional monarchy.

Do Dreams Change?

Are all dreams able to come true? Realistically, no not at all. This does not mean yours wont. I should really listen to these words. I have been losing faith in myself, I tried writing a book in the past year along with the poetry since I got inspired by a new idea. I was all ready I even had the first chapter edited and ready to publish then half way through my grade 12 year I lost it. THE WHOLE BOOK!! I am still frustrated by this and upset, but I did still attempt to write it again on paper this time. According to the famous Austin Powers movies "I lost my mojo"! Of course in different reference. One has to love the classics. I cannot get a new idea and my old ones are lost to me. I have been questioning to myself "should I stop writing then focusing on university and biology? This is my predicament. I pretty sure no one will read this but I will keep you posted on how the inspiration will go.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

One of the Moon

You walk strong and proud,
         The snow that twinkles.
Boreal Forest, your home, your soul!
Food you see.
          Mouth waters, fangs sharpen
Fur glistens by moonlight.
The time comes,
          Strength shown, weakness ignored.
King of the forest,
You take your fill.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Untitled Poem 1

The lights blast on like the sun coming out from the trees foliage.
She waits for the small tinkle of the bell,
Heart pumping so loud, she's scared the audience will hear.
She wasn't this nervous before.

The Blare of music, she didn't hear the bell.
Calming herself, she takes deep breaths no use fretting.
Then the cue of music, she explodes, being the first on stage,
With a cheshire smile plastered on her face.

At theat moment nerves are gond, she owns the stag.
Step after step, posture nor smile faulters.
Her group joins in the flurry of movement.
Strong, yet graceful just as her instructor says.

To the left, step to the right
One, Two, kick, jump and.
Silence from the croud in awe.
Until that one mistake.

She went the wrong way in the circle.
Cursing to herself keeping the smile.
Knows she has to finish strongly.
She does.

Moving on from the mistake
She awaits judgement expecting
A dissapointing mark.
Surprised she finds that she got gold.

M. K. Wilson

Anyone who would like to make suggestions please email me at wilsonsunset@gmail.com or post a comment.

The Art of Writing

So I have come across the conclusion that writing a book is very hard; therefore, I am going to write some poetry and post it! The book will always be writen and I plan on publishing it someday but maybe I should get some poems published first so that maybe I can convince someone to publish my book when it is finished! Later today you will see hopefully two poems. I would love opinions on them so do not hesitate!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lack of Responsibility

Yes that is me. I have been quite irrisponsible lately not even going for runs everyday on the good old treadmill. I have not been studying or even writing on my book much. Hopefully that will all change and I will get over this phase. I apologize to those I may have hurt and I will try to make it better. So today very busy day doing homework, studying, piano practice, as well as if I have the chance to write.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


I like you. Your the one I choose. Its just do you like me to. When I first met you and had a conversation with you it was awesome and I enjoyed spending time with you. I may be crazy but love at first sight may just be possible. I think that it would be more likely however that it was fate. I talked to you today, while also making a complete fool of myself and may have possibly isulted you without meaning to. Yet you laughed with me and your sister. By the time it was to leave that moment was awkward I did not want to leave and if I enterpreted your emotions correct you did not either. I suppose all I can do is to have patience.