Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Do Dreams Change?

Are all dreams able to come true? Realistically, no not at all. This does not mean yours wont. I should really listen to these words. I have been losing faith in myself, I tried writing a book in the past year along with the poetry since I got inspired by a new idea. I was all ready I even had the first chapter edited and ready to publish then half way through my grade 12 year I lost it. THE WHOLE BOOK!! I am still frustrated by this and upset, but I did still attempt to write it again on paper this time. According to the famous Austin Powers movies "I lost my mojo"! Of course in different reference. One has to love the classics. I cannot get a new idea and my old ones are lost to me. I have been questioning to myself "should I stop writing then focusing on university and biology? This is my predicament. I pretty sure no one will read this but I will keep you posted on how the inspiration will go.

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